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Vision Statement

Evidence for Action

When ordinary people are empowered with knowledge, they can bring about extraordinary change. Measurement, which is critical to generating knowledge, has been an exclusive domain of experts. We believe that measurement needs to be rigorous, but easy to understand and to act upon. When ordinary people learn to measure what affects their lives, they can communicate with each other across villages, states, nations, and continents, to identify and understand their problems, take steps to resolve them, and change the world for the better.

Mission Statement

Measure to understand | Understand to communicate | Communicate to change

ASER Centre generates evidence for action. It focuses on outcomes and processes in education and other social sectors. It builds the capacity of individuals and institutions to measure at scale, understand, communicate and act upon the findingsā€¦

ASER Centre works towards providing the answers to a key question: Are social sector programs leading to desired outcomes? In other words, is public expenditure effectively leading towards stated goals? While internal evaluation and self-regulation by the government are clearly important for program implementation, independent assessment by citizens is critical to ensure transparency and accountability. In the social sectors regulation and monitoring at the central level is neither possible nor sufficient.