2015 has almost reached EOL.

It had been a neutral year for me. In short, year of realizations. Not so eventful but a positive gradual increment.

As a developer:

  1. Shifted my focus from design/CSS to javascript. And within no time, I totally fell in love with javascript.
    • Learned Angular, APIs with promises are so awesome!
    • Node <3
    • ES6
  2. More structured development process
    • Unit tests & CI - a savior for life (not kidding!)
    • Moved from grunt to gulp
    • Learned better architecturing for apps
  3. Did my first freelancing work
  4. Attended The Fifth Elephant, JsFoo, PyCon India conferences, and a few hackathons & meetups
  5. Contributed to few OSS projects
Github graph for 2015
Github graph for 2015

As a human being:

  1. Demise of my dear friend had been a shock, struggling with memories.
  2. Got a rented house few days back, end to 8 year long hostel/paying guest life
  3. Experienced developer mental health burnout issue for the first time, and successfully overcame it.
  4. Started going out with friends, never missed any good movies - a huge step for my introvert life
  5. Skateboard, rubiks cubes, monopoly, books - life never get bored
  6. Didn’t do any travel this year, the most saddeing part. But grabbed more theoretical knowledge on photography.
  7. Maintained same body weight throughout the year, fitness tracking started. Didn’t do any hair cut this year 💇, so previous year’s boy cut has grown back to normal state.

In a few days, earth will start another rotation around the sun. Waiting for another exciting year!