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  • Quickstart tmux

    I haven’t been using tmux since I’m a happy user of iTerm2. Eventhough tmux had been used in servers I used to work with, I preferred avoiding it because of ...

  • HTTPS on localhost with NGINX

    This article gives a walkdown through setting up of HTTPS protocol for localhost using NGINX in OSX (10.11.5).

  • Authorizing Twitter API Calls in Javascript

    I have been thinking of playing around Twitter APIs since a long time, but never sat down patiently to get it done. Procrastination is at its highest 😥 Anywa...

  • Math behind blend modes

    Ever since I dabbled around css blend modes, I wanted to look into the math behind it.

  • CSS Data Types

    Here is a quick reference for CSS data types:

  • 2015: year in review

    2015 has almost reached EOL.

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