Droidcon India


This conference was the Indian edition of the global Droidcon conference series. Designed logo with Android in the shape of Taj Mahal. Website color scheme was chosen based on logo color and also assigned color codes for the 5 talk tracks.
Create a logo and website for Android conference.
Designed in 2013
For HasGeek
  • Logo design
  • Website design & development
  • Hoodie design concept

Hoodie Design Concept

Came up with the idea of having mascots of Android versions (released till the conference date) in a grid format. Created hand-drawn sketches of the concept and worked along with an illustrator to materialize the concept and on refining the artwork.

Website Design

Droidcon website was build on top of HasGeek eventframe and based on the layout of few sections followed by the previous conference JSFoo 2013 for unifying event websites.