Wanted to deal with audio files in linux? sox (Sound Exchange) is a powerful command for you. Here is some examples for sox command.

Let’s combine two audio files with a single command line,

$ sox -m first.wav second.wav combined.wav

with -m flag, sox mixes two input files together to produce output file. here first.wav and second.wav are input files and combine.wav is the output file.

If you don’t have any wav files and if all your music is in mp3, ogg, aac or ac3 formats, ffmpeg can fix this for you:

$ ffmpeg -i foo.mp3 foo.wav

If you want to extract a part of the audio file, use trim option. The syntax is,

$ sox input_file.wav output_file.wav trim [SECONDS TO STARTING POINT] [DURATION IN SECONDS]

For example,

$ sox input.wav output.wav 0 10

Try other options available for sox. Its really fun! :-)